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18 Bizarre Pringles Flavors Around the World

18 Bizarre Pringles Flavors Around the World

Sometimes the original flavor apparently just isn’t ‘original’ enough

Take your pick: seaweed, pickle, or cheeseburger flavor? No? Don’t worry, there’s a whole lot more to choose from.

Pringles can bring out the kid in anyone: Just put two Pringles in your mouth and start quacking, and you’ll be instantly back to the days when things like that would send you into fits of laughter. You can feel — and taste — nostalgia sweeping over you when those light and crispy reconstituted-potato chips from the red cardboard can come to mind.

18 Bizarre Pringles Flavors from Around the World (Slideshow)

Each salty, greasy disc is more addicting than the last — and the Pringles catch phrase was just as addictive: "Once you pop, the fun don’t stop." It’s a lesson we’ve all learned at one point or another: When you buy Pringles, you’ll certainly finish them in one sitting.

We all know and love the original Pringles flavor, but there's much more to Pringles than that. There’s sour cream and onion and cheddar cheese and barbecue…But other countries around the world sell Pringles in flavors that frankly leave us scratching our heads. [slideshow:

In Thailand, green crisps laced with seaweed are hugely popular, while in the United Kingdom, Pringles are given flavors that suggest traditional pub dishes like steak and onion pie. In Singapore and China, fishy-flavored Pringles are a favorite. And that's just the beginning. Here are 18 Pringles flavors from the U.S. and around the globe that are probably not a good idea.

Dill Pickle, Canada

Part of the appeal of a tangy dill pickle is the way the skin snaps when you take a bite of it. With Dill Pickle Pringles, the crunch is different, and the tang but a shadow of the original's.

Cheeseburger, U.S.A.

Why eat a cheeseburger-flavored chip when you could just eat a real, juicy cheeseburger with chips on the side?

Want to know if it gets any weirder? Read more for the most bizarre Pringles flavor in the world.

Randi Roberts is a special contributor to The Daily Meal.

Weird Potato Chip Flavors From Around the World

Potato chips are a classic snack, with the right amount of grease and salt and perfect crunch, potato chips can be addictive.

If you want to be a bit adventurous and venture outside the typical potato chip flavor, you can try rare and unique flavors that will stretch the boundaries of what a potato chip flavor is.

There are a lot of unique potato chip flavors around the world, from Thailand, Australia to Japan, you will see flavors that you will never imagine could match potato chips. Here are some of the weirdest flavors ever made.

Obviously tastes vary by region, but it’s hard to imagine that anyone, anywhere in the world, has ever thought to themselves, “I really wish this ice cream tasted more like a prawn.”

Well, we figured by this point in the meal you have to be getting thirsty, so naturally, you’d want to wash all of these bizarre foods down with the refreshing taste of peanut butter jelly, in the form of a soda.

Maybe the idea of combining an herb rarely seen outside of Italian cooking and a fruit that epitomizes the sweetness of summer is odd to you. True, it’s a strange combo, but the peppery nature of basil is in fact an ideal complement to the floral and sweet strawberry. It’s also incredibly refreshing, especially when infused into a frozen strawberry lemonade (feel free to make this a “mature” drink and spike it with a dose of vodka).

The tanginess of goat milk cuts through the sickly sweetness that is often the downfall of caramel. And for those of you that are thinking you need to purchase a goat for milking, the good news is goat milk can be bought at Trader Joe’s! Check out how well the two go together in this caramel candy recipe.

Fun Pringles Facts

  1. The chips were originally called “Newfangled Potato Chips.” The exact origin of the name “Pringles” has several theories.
  2. The Pringles chips aren’t made from real potatoes. They are made from dehydrated processed potatoes.
  3. They are sold in 140+ countries and have 100+ flavors across the globe.
  4. The design boasts of perfection. Unlike its counterparts, Pringles stressed the chips ‘crispy, crumb-free, and non-greasy’ attributes.
  5. The perfect shape of the chip was created by Fredric Baur, a chemist, who ensured that the chips remain unscathed till they reach their consumers. The shape was called a hyperbolic paraboloid.
  6. The cans are cylindrical to hold the stacked chips in place without compromising their freshness. Fredric Baur takes credit for this as well.
  7. The cremated remains of Fredric Baur is buried in a Pringles can. It was his last wish.
  8. Alexander Liepa worked on improving the flavors in the 1960s. You can find his name in the patent.

15 Crazy Potato Chip Flavors Around the World

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Forget Cool Ranch (oddly, renamed &ldquoCool American&rdquo in Iceland) or sour cream and onion&mdashthese chip flavors will make you crave a salty snack &hellip or just cringe.

Bloody Mary Now here&rsquos the kind of endorsement I like in a chip: &ldquoWon&rsquot get you drunk, but certainly hits the spot!&rdquo Pop open a bag of these chips from Devon, England, for breakfast&mdashyou may pack on the pounds but at least you&rsquoll be sparing your liver.

Prawn Cocktail And here&rsquos a different kind of cocktail (you may know it as a shrimp cocktail), a seafood-themed one. Hugely popular in England, these chips are billed as &ldquoa crisp with a little bit of class&rdquo based on the fact that shrimp cocktails are what fancy people eat, we suppose.

Now That's Nifty

Pringles are a potato chip-like snack food. They are enjoyed in over 100 countries, with over a billion (US Dollars) is sales anually. I personally love the cheese flavored "Cheez Ums," but there are hundreds of flavors. Here are 101 different flavors from around the world, some ordinary, some strange.

14 Cheese Carnival - I want to go to a cheese carnival so bad.

24 Crushed Pepper - Doesn't sound too crazy.

28 Finger Lickin' Braised Pork - Mmm, spit covered fingers and braised pork.

36 Indonesian Satay - Hmmm.

40 Keema Curry - Summer and Keema Curry go hand in hand.

44 Lemon & Sesame - A natural combo?

46 Los Angeles Street BBQ Chicken - Nothing Says LA like BBQ chicken.

49 Mozzarella Sticks & Marinara

50 Multi Grain Cheesy Cheddar

51 Multi Grain Creamy Ranch

52 Multi Grain Truly Original

53 New York Street Cheese Dog

72 Sausage - Mmm, sign me up.

76 Smoked Salami - Another delicious sounding variety.

83 Spanish Salsa Pizza - The Spanish eat a lot of "salsa pizza" do they?

89 Sweet Potato Honey Chipotle Barbecue

90 Szechuan Barbecue Rice Crisps

93 Thai Sweet Chili & Lemon Grass

94 Tiger Prawn and Crushed Garlic

98 Wild Consume - What makes it wild?

99 Wisconsin White Cheddar


feta and avocado in egypt!

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Well, just so you know the indonesian pringles all taste disgusting. It taste different even the original pringles made in Indonesia and the original pringles made in other counties. I think its the cheapest ingredients they use in Indonesia. I hate pringles in Indonesia but everytime I travel elsewhere, I always buy pringles.

How many of those have you tasted?

Not nearly enough. I've maybe tried 20 or so.

Man I need one of each of those. Especially the soft-shell crab. Why not available everywhere?

I got a pic of the seaweed and grilled shrimp varieties in Thailand (feel free to add it)

Didn't come across the soft shell crab though. probably for the best.

And the best part is that most of those actually sound pretty good!

Years ago I bought the ketchup flavored ones and they were delicious. found them at a dollar store and have never been able to find them since then. I always [email protected]

The "Rock the Floor" flavor says Red Chili Chicken in Japanese :)

Don't slag off Crab flavor if you haven't tried it, you prejudiced cunt.

soft shell crab is available here, in Indonesia. taste like regular seafood. but i like the seaweed better.

There's also a very tasty wasabi-flavored Pringles available in the UK.. :-)

Did you get a Jamon-flavored from Spain on the list? I can get you some pictures. I have been meaning to do a chip post for my blog about living in Barcelona.

Son las mejores
but they forgot sour cream and onion q son cmo las campesinas

Red Caviar Lay's in Russia

Zapadnik/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons

Did you know that Russia is one of the world's top producers of wild caviar? Caviar from the various sturgeon species that swim Russian waters of the Black and Caspian Seas is among the most prized—and expensive—in the world. If you want to enjoy the flavor of caviar without shelling out hundreds of thousands of rubles, pick up a bag of "Red Caviar" (Russian: Krasnaya Ikra) Lay's the next time you're in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Pringles’ New Chip Flavor Tastes Like a Spicy Chicken Sandwich From Wendy’s

Around this time last year, Wendy’s blew our minds when it partnered with Pringles to unveil Baconator-flavored chips. The brands somehow packed so many elements into one bite. The two are back at it, but this time with Pringles Spicy Chicken chips, inspired by Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

If you go to Wendy’s and order the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, you’ll get a marinated chicken breast breaded with a coating that includes fiery peppers and spices. It’s then topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo. So how are those ingredients turned into Pringles? The goal was to replicate the sandwich, and that was done by layering in the flavors and bringing a spice blend that will deliver that heat.

“Our partnership with Wendy’s is a match made in flavor-heaven, so we’re thrilled to have another collab with an equally talked about, fan-favorite menu item,” Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, said in a press release. “Following the enthusiasm for Pringles Baconator, we knew we had to challenge ourselves and perfectly capture the flavor of another popular menu item.”

You can get the limited-edition Pringles Wendy’s Spicy Chicken chips at retailers nationwide beginning in June 2021. To make the offering even better, each can comes with a code on the seal that will give you a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s when you use mobile ordering. Something tells us that this will come in handy, because once you get that spicy chicken flavor, you’re going to want the real sandwich.

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10. Lobster ice cream

Now if this has raised your eyebrows… They have rightly done so! This ice cream is a marriage of buttery lobsters with buttery vanilla. This real weird and wacky concoction was given birth at Ben and Billy’s Chocolate Emporium in Maine, the USA and they have been serving this flavour since 1988. The shop is located in Bar Harbour, an island town and home to the beautiful Acadia National Park. Therefore, the ice cream is quite popular with the tourists and adventure seekers visiting the place.

So guys, probably this list was just enough to give you an idea of the limitless possibilities of flavours, our favourite dessert can manifest itself in. Ice creams do get as weird as they can. Just like we get as crazy as we can to lick the scoop of our favourite flavour. While most of us have given a miss to ice creams this summer, it’s time we start planning our next ice cream adventure at our dream destination anywhere around the world. Let’s not let our spirit of travelling, exploring, and celebrating life melt away. Let’s never forget, Life is an Ice Cream… Happy Ice Cream Day!

Watch the video: Weird Food from around the World (January 2022).